There is no other breed of dog that can replace a terrier in their spirit, energy, and loyalty – and, since you are here, this is something you must already be aware of. Whether you are a new pet owner trying to understand how to care better for your terrier, or someone considering getting a companion for yourself, you can count on the team here on TerrierPlanet.com to deliver the information you are looking for. 
Our writers work with the single objective of providing the right information for each and every terrier breed profile on the website. And there are lots of breeds, each unique in its own way. Did you know, the word ‘terrier’ comes from ‘terra’ i Latin, which means ‘earth’. And since terriers were originally bred for digging after small burrowing animals, more appropriately referred to as pests, the name does make sense. There’s a lot more to these breeds, and this is the place to discover them all. 

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