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American Hairless Terrier

The curious and playful American Hairless Terrier is the only hairless breed native to the United States. Commonly called the AHT, these spunky little dogs make an active family companion that does well in large family homes or urban condos and apartments.

A hallmark of these dogs is their broad, wedge-shaped head while their round, expressive eyes glimmer with inquisitiveness. Since they are protective of their people, they make great watchdogs.

If you are on the lookout for a small terrier that enjoys snuggling and alerts you to potential threats, the AHT might be the ideal breed for you.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names:Hairless Rat Terrier
  • Colors:Pink & Red, Pink & Black, Pink & Gray, Pink & Gold
  • Life Expectancy:14-16 years
  • Height:12-16 in
  • Weight:12-16 lbs
  • Temperament:Loving, alert, lively, intelligent
  • Good with Kids:Yes
  • Exercise requirements:Moderate
  • Hypoallergenic:Yes
  • Litter Size:3-5 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:Moderate
  • Health Problems:Hypothyroidism, deafness, red mange, patellar luxation, Cushing’s disease, degeneration of hip joint bone
  • Trainability:Moderately easy
  • Origin:United States
American Hairless Terrier Dogs
American Hairless Terrier Puppy

American Hairless Terrier’s History: A Timeline

    Late 1800s

    Rat Terriers, originally called ‘Feists’, were brought to the US


    The breed originated from a Rat Terrier born in Louisiana, the descendants of which were all developed for hairlessness


    Recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC)


    Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

American Hairless Terrier Pictures
American Hairless Terrier Size


Although your AHT would love to go out several times each day, brief regular sessions of play or romp in a securely fenced yard or a half-hour walk would satisfy its exercise needs. It enjoys moderate activity but would happily curl up on a couch next to you.

As an intelligent and highly trainable breed, the American Hairless Terrier does well in a range of canine sports and activities, including rally, agility, and obedience competitions.

Despite being called hairless, the AHTs are not completely devoid of hair and may have whiskers and eyebrows, with some having a short and shiny coat. Whether your AHT has minimal hair or a short, glossy coat, you do not have to put in a lot of time for its maintenance.

If your dog is predominantly hairless, you need to clean its ears and keep it protected from sunburn. As far as the short-coated variety is concerned, it needs weekly brushing with a soft-bristle brush. Also, do not forget to bathe your AHT when it gets dirty.

Like most terriers, the American Hairless is prone to obesity. Whether you feed it home-prepared or commercially manufactured food, make sure to measure its food and watch its daily calorie consumption.

Check with your vet to find out which human foods are suitable for your dog. If you want to give your AHT commercial dry dog food, Stella & Chewy’s and ORIJEN are among the best brands you can trust.

Since the AHT is very smart and is eager to please, training your dog is generally an easy activity. As with most breeds, early socialization and obedience are recommended.

Make sure to expose your pup to different places, situations, and people so that it develops into a well-mannered dog.

Although the AHTs tend to be friendly with other dogs, they still retain the prey drive of their Rat Terrier parents and may chase small animals. Therefore, you should teach your pup to walk on a leash when you take it outdoors.

American Hairless Rat Terrier
Hairless Rat Terrier

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