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Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier absolutely lives up to its name of the “American Gentleman”, as it is fondly called because of its impeccable, pleasant manners. The tuxedo-style coat that fits snugly to its body, teamed with its round, expressive eyes, makes it all the more charming and adorable.

Though bred to fight and hunt down rats, Boston Terriers of today are reverse of what they were meant for.  They are absolute funny bones that would tickle you to bits with their comic antics. They are sturdy and portable, perfect as a lap and companion dog. Your kids would consider them to be their most trusted companion, while the other dogs and cats in your homes can also stay comfortably with these canines around.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names:Boston bull, American Gentleman, Boxwood, Boston bull terrier,
  • Colors:Black and white, black brindle and white, brindle and white, seal brindle and white, seal and white
  • Life Expectancy:11 – 13 years 
  • Height:15 – 17 inches
  • Weight:12 – 25 pounds 
  • Temperament:Amusing, friendly, merry
  • Good with Kids:Yes
  • Exercise requirements:Moderately high
  • Hypoallergenic:No
  • Litter Size:1 – 6 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:Moderate
  • Health Problems:Patellar luxation, cherry eye, allergies, bloating, cataract, glaucoma,
  • Trainability:Easy
  • Origin:USA
Boston Terrier Dog
Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston Terrier’s History: Timeline  


    Judge a cross between the English Terrier and Bulldog developed that became the forerunner of this breed


    After going through several owners, Judge was finally acquired by Robert C. Hooper of Boston


    The Bull Terrier Club evolved, and the Boston Terrier was presented as “Roundheads” or “Bull Terrier,” but this did not remain long as oppositions came from Bull Terrier and Bulldog fanciers


    Formation of the Boston Terrier Club of America where the breed was named Boston Terrier after its city of origin


    Accepted by AKC in the nonsporting category


    Its popularity spread to Europe


    Rhett the Boston Terrier became the Boston University’s Mascot


    It was assigned as Massachusetts’ Official Dog by the state legislature


    Blitz, a Boston Terrier, was the live mascot of Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina


    Ranked 21st by the AKC in terms of popularity

Boston Terrier Picture
Boston Bull


Some may be happy with one or two daily walks, while a few could demand extra playtime too. Do not leave it all by itself to just run or romp around, as it would do nothing but sit there and wait to be picked up. Instead, exercise along or even play ball with your dog and see his excitement. Making it participate in rally, flyball, obedience, and agility will also help channelize its energy in a better way. When on a swimming spree, you could take your “Boston” along, as it does have a knack for the waters.

Never take it out when it is excessively hot outside. That could trigger breathing difficulties, a common problem in most flat-faced dogs.

The American Gentleman’s coat is “gentle” enough to save you from the hassles of extensive grooming and care. A soft-bristled brush would help in brushing while a hound glove could serve the purpose of removing dead hairs well. Bathe it when needed and follow other hygiene measures like trimming its nails, brushing its teeth, and cleaning its eyes and ears.

Boston Terriers suffer from digestion problems, and can even face breathing troubles in case of a weight gain. So, take care in selecting its diet and ensure that its protein, carbohydrates and mineral content is met well. Keep treats to the minimum. Boston Terriers suffer from digestion problems and can even face breathing troubles in case of a weight gain. So, take care in selecting its diet and ensure that its protein, carbohydrates, and mineral content is met well. Keep treats to the minimum. When getting store-brought food, you can opt for brands like Blue Buffalo and  Wellness Core.

Training the Boston Terrier is a joy, as the merry, obedient dog would not fail to satisfy you by being a good student. Just keep the sessions short, and reinforce it positively. Socialization and obedience training since its puppy days would help polish its already pleasing personality a little more.

Like most small breeds, the Boston Terrier could be no exception when it comes to a fast metabolism, the result being frequent toilet breaks. The naughty one it is, your dog could disappear to mess around even before you notice. So housetrain it right from the start to avoid accidents in your home.

Boston Bull Terrier
Boston Terrier Size
Boston Terrier Image
Boston Terrier Photos

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