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Brindle Cairn Terrier

Brindle is one of the Cairn terrier’s standard colorations recognized by all major registries like the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), and the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). However, brindle isn’t a standard color in Cairn terriers, and dogs with this coat could 

The registries also acknowledge different shades of brindle like gray brindle, cream brindle, and black brindle. Two other shades, i.e., wheaten brindle and silver brindle, are registered by the AKC and other notable clubs as nonstandard colors. The brindle coat is an outcome of a recessive gene. Cairns with this coloration have a combination of several shades like yellow, red, or cream as the base color, marked with black stripes, giving the impression of a tiger-striped pattern.

A significant aspect of Cairns is that they change their coat color as they transition from the puppy stage to adulthood and finally become seniors. This color change is most evident in dogs with a brindle-colored coat that turns black or even silver as they age.

Brindle Cairn Terrier Picture
Brindle Cairn Terrier
Brindle Cairn Terrier Puppies

Types of Brindle Cairn Terriers

Grey Brindle Cairn Terrier

Grey Brindle

The D-locus gene is responsible for the gray brindle coloration, diluting the black color to a grayish shade. A gray brindle Cairn terrier has a blend of black and gray on its body with a blackish appearance on its face.

Red Brindle Cairn Terrier

Red Brindle

The base color is primarily red, with a combination of shades like black and brown.

Black Brindle Cairn Terrier

Black Brindle

They have a brown base color with black or brown stripes all over.

Silver Brindle

Silver brindle coloration is a result of the G locus or graying gene. Dogs with this coat start as black, which mainly dilutes to gray as the dog ages. Silver brindle even refers to breeds with a light cream base color and black stripes. The black stripes seem lighter than they are because of the cream background, giving the dog a silvery appearance.

Cream Brindle Cairn Terrier

Cream Brindle

Cream brindle dogs mostly have a cream base coat with red or brown markings.

Wheaten Brindle Cairn Terrier

Wheaten Brindle

Wheaten terriers have a beige or golden coat with black stripes, giving it a brindled appearance.

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