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Wheaten Cairn Terrier

Wheaten is one of the standard AKC-recognized colors of this breed. A wheaten Cairn terrier mostly has a pale yellow or tan-colored coat that could deepen with age, acquiring a golden or dark red shade. The prominent breed clubs even recognize other shades of wheaten as a part of the Cairn terrier’s standard colors, like red wheaten and wheaten brindle.

Wheaten Cairn Terrier
Wheaten Cairn Terrier Puppies

Types of Wheaten Cairn Terriers  

Red Wheaten Cairn Terrier

Red Wheaten

The red wheaten Cairns has a rich reddish pattern against their yellowish coat.

Wheaten Brindle Cairn Terrier

Wheaten Brindle

The black stripes on a golden-yellow coat lead to the wheat brindle coat.

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