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Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier, with its lively and mischievous disposition, resembles the Bull Terrier in almost every way except that it is smaller. Its trademark is the large, oval head and triangular eyes that glimmer with mischief.

Although the Mini has the courage and aggression of a typical terrier, it is affectionately referred to as the ‘Clown Prince’ of all dogs. It is known for being friendly to all the people of its family, especially the children.

Its affection towards the members of its household means that you should never leave it alone for hours. It will be more than happy to take part in all of your daily activities.

If you can adopt a firm and consistent approach while training and keep up with your Mini, providing plenty of attention, then you may go for this breed.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names: Mini, Mini Bull
  • Colors:Fawn, white, black & tan, black brindle, red, tri-color
  • Life Expectancy:11-14 years
  • Height:10-14 inches
  • Weight:20-35 pounds
  • Temperament:Playful, energetic, even tempered, stubborn
  • Good with Kids:Yes
  • Exercise requirements:High
  • Hypoallergenic:Yes
  • Litter Size:4-9 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:Low
  • Health Problems:Heart disease, deafness, hereditary nephritis, lens luxation, skin problems
  • Trainability:Quite easy
  • Origin:England
Miniature Bull Terrier Size
Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies

Miniature Bull Terrier’s History: A Timeline


    The Bull Terrier was developed as a fighting dog by breeding Bulldogs with the now-extinct English terriers

    Mid 19th century

    Breeders started working on a smaller version of the Bull Terrier that could be used as a ratter


    These dogs were included in the American Kennel Club’s (AKC’s) Miscellaneous Class


    It was granted membership by the AKC and was considered a separate breed effective 1st January 1992

Mini Bull
Miniature Bull Terrier Photos


It is an energetic breed that needs regular exercise for both physical and mental stimulation. Your MBT would enjoy chasing a ball, playing with interactive toys, and going for walks with its people. Also, allowing your dog to compete in obedience and agility trials would provide an outlet for its energy.

Mini Bull Terrier puppies are quite bouncy and high-impact exercises, including jumping on the furniture, running on tile floors or slick wood, or playing Frisbee should be avoided until your pup is fully matured at 12-18 months of age.

MBTs have short, fine, glossy hair, which means keeping your Mini Bull’s coat in top-notch condition will not be a hassle if you can brush its fur once a week with a hound glove or soft brush.

The breed is known for having fast-growing nails that need to be frequently trimmed with a grinder or clipper to prevent cracking and splitting of overgrown nails.

Routinely check its ears to avoid accumulation of debris and wax. Also, make sure to bathe it occasionally to keep its fur neat and shiny.

Since your Mini Bull is prone to allergies, it needs an unprocessed, grain-free diet. To keep it healthy, you may prepare a meal with chicken, turkey, beef, or salmon at home. Aside from home cooked food, you may opt for store-bought kibble, with Natural Balance and Merrick Grain-Free being among the most preferred brands.

Mini Bulls, being typical terriers, need to be trained with a firm hand. Training your MBT is fairly easy, if you can keep the sessions short and fun.

Early socialization is recommended, without which your Mini can become aggressive towards other dogs and unknown people.

Since it has the terrier instinct to chase, you should teach it to walk on leash. Training your pup on commands like ‘come’, ‘stay’, and ‘stop’ would also help instill good behavior in it.

Miniature Bull Terrier Image
Miniature Bull Terrier Full Grown

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