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Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier is a cute and adorable working terrier breed with a stocky appearance, prick ears, and fox-like expression.  Bred to keep a check on rodents in farms, these dogs, because of their fearless, agile nature, eventually emerged as efficient fox hunters, picking out the animals right from their den.

 At the same time, they became efficient companions too, who would not just delight their masters with their charm but also strive to protect the family from any harm with all its might.  Though they possess adequate watching skills, their size prevents them from becoming an efficient guard dog.

One of the most popular Norwich Terriers is Winky that featured in the movie “Best in Show”.

Norwich Terrier vs. Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk and Norwich Terriers were closely related and even regarded as a single breed, until 1964, when the Kennel Club of U.K. gave the Norwich Terrier a separate breed status. While the prick-eared variety was categorized as the Norwich Terrier, those with drop-ears were the Norfolk Terrier. The American Kennel Club, too, designated the breed as Norwich Terrier D.E. and Norwich Terrier P.E. until 1979 after which both were recognized separately.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names:Jones Terrier, Cantab Terrier
  • Colors:Black and tan, wheaten, grizzle, red
  • Life Expectancy:12 – 15 years
  • Height:Approximately 10 inches
  • Weight:About 12 pounds
  • Temperament:High-spirited, loyal, courageous, alert
  • Good with Kids:Yes
  • Exercise requirements:High
  • Hypoallergenic:Yes
  • Litter Size:1 – 3 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:Moderate
  • Health Problems:Hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, upper airway syndrome, and dental problems
  • Trainability:Easy
  • Origin:United Kingdom

Norwich Terrier’s History: Timeline

    1870 – 80s

    It gained popularity among Cambridge University students, emerging as their mascots

    1899- 1902

    A male Norwich Terrier was bred with a brindle, mixed breed female and Rags, that was one of the produce of the litter eventually became the breed’s founding sire


    Frank Jones, a Brit, bred Wilum by using some of the Rags’ descendants and exported it to the United States


    Gained official recognition by the Kennel Club (UK), which acknowledged both the prick-eared and drop-eared varieties


    The drop-eared type were separated and recognized as a different breed, Norfolk Terrier by the Kennel Club (UK)


    The AKC, along with the Canadian Kennel Club and United Kennel Club, recognized the Norfolk Terrier and Norwich Terrier as separate breeds

Norwich Terrier Dog
Norwich Terrier Puppies


Though small in size, they are bundled with enormous energies, needing sufficient exercise for physical and mental stimulation. Take them out on at least two 20-minute walks regularly and give these dogs adequate playtime in a fenced yard or even indoors.

 You may involve your Norwich Terrier in several activities like fetching sticks, swimming and running long distances with proper supervision. Since they are agile and flexible with an intelligent demeanor, they can participate in sports activities like flyball, earthdog, and agility.

It has a harsh and wiry topcoat and a soft, warm undercoat, which insulates its body well from extreme heat or cold. So, you need to groom your Norwich Terrier thoroughly to keep its double coat clean and shiny.

 Brush it once or twice a week using a firm steel comb to remove its dead hairs and avoid matt-formation. Its wiry coat would need hand-stripping two times in a year to help remove the old hair and make way for new ones.

Bathe it when the need arises and focus on trimming its nails, brushing its teeth, and cleaning its eyes and ears regularly.

High-quality food with adequate nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals would stand perfect for your Norwich Terrier. You could prepare a diet of chicken or beef along with veggies at home, or even buy dried dog food from the store. When going for packaged foods, you could opt for brands like Merrick Grain- Free Dry Dog Food and Earthborn Holistic

Eager-to-please and intelligent, the Norwich Terrier responds well to training. However, its terrier-like stubbornness could, at times, pose a problem. Keeping the session short, adding positive reinforcement techniques, and firm handling on the part of the owner would help making the training an effective one.

It is known for its friendliness and outgoing nature. Socializing the puppies would help develop this trait well right from the beginning.

Because of their hunting lineage, they have an instinct to chase, so teaching them to wear a leash is of utmost importance.

Norwich Terrier Full Grown
Norwich Terrier Pictures


Q. What are the different names by which the Norwich Terrier is known?

Cambridge students referred to these dogs as the Trumpington Terrier, since the livery stable they acquired them from was situated on Trumpington Street. On the other hand, Americans called them Jones Terrier for quite some time after Frank Jones, who was instrumental in introducing the Norwich Terrier to the United States.

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