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Plummer Terrier

This working terrier gets its name after eminent British breeder Dr. David Brian Plummer, responsible for its development. The Jack Russell Terrier, Bull Terrier, Fell Terrier, and Beagle’s genes go into making this breed, which stands out due to its immense determination and hardiness. These dogs pose a fiery appearance because of their red and white coat coupled with folded ears, dark eyes, and straight tail.

They have a versatile nature indeed, excelling as remarkable retrievers and also emerging as efficient ratters. The Plummer Terrier also serves as a perfect playmate for your kids. At the same time, they are also an able watchdog, intimating their owners about a stranger’s arrival.

Despite its efficiency in all fields, it is yet to acquire registration from the Kennel Club and other prominent breed registries.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names:Not recorded
  • Colors:Red, red and white
  • Life Expectancy:12 – 15 years
  • Height:Male: 12.5 – 14 inches; Female: 11 – 13 inches
  • Weight:13 – 18 pounds
  • Temperament:Alert, friendly, confident
  • Good with Kids:Yes
  • Exercise requirements:Yes
  • Hypoallergenic:Not recorded
  • Litter Size:3 – 5 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:Moderately high
  • Health Problems:Patellar luxationhip dysplasia
  • Trainability:Easy
  • Origin:United Kingdom
Plummer Terrier Dog
Plummer Terrier Puppy

Plummer Terrier’s History: Timeline

    1960s- 1970s

    Brian Plummer worked towards the development of this breed


    Plummer expressed his desire of calling his terriers Plummer Terrier and also to have them recognized by the Kennel Club


    After a heart attack, Plummer distributed his terriers among his friends


    The breed’s gene pool was decided

    2002 onward

    Plummer passed away, but his well-wishers took up his unfinished task and worked for the breed’s betterment.


Give your Plummer Terrier ample exercise to keep it in good shape. Take it out on a 30 – 40 minute walk every day and make provisions for playtime within a fenced yard or garden. Also, when housing them in an apartment arrange for interesting indoor games to keep these dogs mentally energized.

Since it has a soft coat, the Plummer Terrier is easy to groom. All you need is to comb it with a soft-bristled brush once or twice a week. Bathe them if the need arises, and do not miss out on the other hygiene measures like trimming its nails, brushing its teeth, and cleaning its eyes and ears regularly.

The Plummer Terrier would need good quality food, homemade or store-bought containing all the essential nutrients. If going for commercially manufactured ones, Hill’s Science and Purina Pro would be the preferred options.

The Plummer Terrier’s intelligence makes training a lot easier, especially if the master is firm and tactful in handling. Teach it to follow commands since it is a puppy, and in this way, you could help develop it into an obedient dog as it matures.

Plummer Terrier Picture
Plummer Terrier Image

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