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Smooth Fox Terrier

Sociable, friendly, and courteous, the Smooth Fox Terrier is often called the terrier world’s gentleman because of its pleasant, appealing demeanor. Their strong, sturdy appearance with a symmetrical back bears testimony of their hunting lineage.

A close cousin of the Wire Fox Terrier, this breed owes its parentage to several dogs, including the Old English Terrier, Black and Tan Terrier, Greyhound, Beagle, and Bull Terrier. Developed to pull the fox out of its hole, the Smooth Fox Terrier stands out from most others because of its unique pendulum-like gait wavering sideways.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names:Fox Terrier, Foxie, SFT
  • Colors:Black and white, white and tan, white tri-color
  • Life Expectancy:12 – 15 years
  • Height:About 16 inches
  • Weight:Male: 18 pounds; Female: 15 – 17 pounds
  • Temperament:Intelligent, friendly, independent
  • Good with Kids:Yes, with older children
  • Exercise requirements:High
  • Hypoallergenic:No
  • Litter Size:3 – 6 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:High; high pitched
  • Health Problems:Progressive retinal atrophy, patellar luxation, cardiac problems, atopic dermatitis
  • Trainability:Easy
  • Origin:England
Smooth Fox Terrier Dogs
Smooth Fox Terrier Puppies

Smooth Fox Terrier’s History: Timeline


    Documented evidence of this breed was obtained through Colonel Thornton’s portrayal of his pet Pitch


    Recognized by the Kennel Club of England


    Fox Terrier Club of the United Kingdom set a breed standard for the Smooth Fox Terrier


    Recognized by the American Kennel Club


    The American Fox Terrier Club became AKC’s memberand also its official parent club to represent the Smooth Fox Terrier


    Formation of the Smooth Fox Terrier Association to protect the Smooth Fox Terrier’s interest

Smooth Fox Terrier Size
Smooth Fox Terrier Picture


Because of the Smooth Fox Terrier’s agile, athletic nature, its exercise needs are also high. Long walks once a day, alongside sufficient playtime, including chasing a ball in the backyard, would undoubtedly ensure their overall fitness. To keep their terrier-like prey drive in check, do make them wear a leash whenever you take them out to a park or anywhere else.

The Smooth Fox Terrier’s short coat is hard and dense, making them medium shedders, needing moderate grooming. Comb it once a week using a hound glove or a thick-bristled brush. Bathe it monthly or perhaps a little early if it has gotten dirty or messy. Trim your dog’s nails clean its eyes and ears, and brush its teeth on a routine basis to maintain its overall cleanliness.

Give the Smooth Fox Terrier high-quality dry-dog food, homemade or store-bought. Keep a check on the treats since they tend to get obese soon, which could trigger several health problems. If opting for the commercially manufactured ones, Blue Buffalo and Holistic Select would be the preferred options.

These happy-go-lucky dogs are easy to train. However, they have an annoying tendency to dig at anything they get handy and even hunt. So, obedience training, teaching them to follow commands in particular, alongside leash training, should go hand in hand.

Smooth Haired Fox Terrier
White and Tan Smooth Fox Terrier

Facts to Know

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