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Do Yorkies Bark a Lot

Yes Yorkies are a noisy breed known for their excessive barking tendencies.

Why Do Yorkies Bark a Lot

Yorkies are small dogs with big personalities. No wonder they appear immensely territorial and bark at the slightest noise they hear, like the sound of the gate or maybe the cat meowing outside. They even bark at the sight of a stranger whom they consider an intruder or perhaps even out of excitement during play.

Besides barking, they would even let out a growling sound, especially when stressed or agitated.

How to Get Yorkies to Stop Barking

The first thing to stop the Yorkies from barking is to train them on obedience. Teach them the basic commands, like ‘No’ and ‘Quiet.’ A well-trained Yorkie would be more disciplined and avoid barking unnecessarily. Moreover, a bored Yorkie would often resort to destructive activities; barking being one. of them. So, ensure that you give them their daily dose of exercise to keep these dogs mentally sound.  

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