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Do Yorkies Shed

The answer is YES; but minimally. In fact, Yorkies have a long flowing coat, with fine human-like hairs rather than fur. They even lack an undercoat, which means they don’t have to shed off their soft insulating hairs seasonally. However, they shed throughout the hair, but the amount of hair that fall out is negligible, often falling back on their coat, visible when you bathe or brush them. Yorkies of all size like the teacup or miniature Yorkie and color pattern like the parti-colored Yorkie share the same shedding pattern.

Maintaining a proper grooming schedule comprising routine brushing and occasional bathing, when they get dirty would help retain the shine and luster of the coat.

Thus, Yorkies belong to the list of hypoallergenic breeds causing lesser allergic reactions in people sensitive to dog hair than most other breeds.

Do Yorkies Shed Their Puppy Coat 

Yes, they do. When the puppies attain 16-20 weeks of their thick, fuzzy coat fall off, giving them a completely hairless appearance. The adult coat eventually develops in around two weeks of shedding of the puppy coat.

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