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What are the Different Ways for Grooming a Yorkie

One of the USPs of the Yorkies is the dog’s long, flowing human-like hair and silky coats, accounting for their adorable appearance. However, with this lies the challenge of maintaining the same. True that they don’t shed much, yet cleaning, washing, and brushing these hypoallergenic dogs on a routine basis would help keep the shine and luster of their coat.

Maintaining the coat: The frequency at which you need to brush your Yorkie’s coat depends on whether they are a pet or show dog and even their coat type. For pet Yorkies, those with shaved or short-coated ones need brushing three times a week. Those with coats of medium length need brushing every alternate day. However, the long-coated ones require daily brushing.

The show dogs mostly have a long, silky coat that needs combing once every day to keep it free from matts and tangles. Combing with a pin brush would be the best for those with a medium or long-length coat. Also, use a slicker brush and a metal-toothed brush alongside the pin brush to detangle the coat.

Trimming the head and face hair: Trimming the hair on their face and the area around their eyes to avoid irritation and even ensure a better vision. Among the several haircuts, some include the cute, round teddy bear cut or the smart lion cut. 

Bathing: For Yorkies with a short coat, bathing in every three or four weeks would be fine. However, those with a long coat need bathing once in two weeks. Wash using a good quality pet shampoo and conditioner ideal for the silky coated. However, remember that bathing too much isn’t good enough for your Yorkie’s skin, causing the coat to dry out.

Nail Trimming: Check their toenails at least once in two weeks and trim them when they have gotten long. If you find it difficult to get hold of your dog to trim its nails, seek a professional groomer’s help in this regard.

Oral Care: Like most other toy breeds, the Yorkie stands more prone to dental problems such as plaque build-up, tooth loss, and decay. So brush your Yorkies teeth at least once a day to keep them clean and free from the cavity. Many experienced groomers often recommend a finger brush for the purpose. Wearing the brush on the finger would be convenient for the owner to clean the back of their dog’s mouth with ease. Also, scheduling routine dental checkups once a month or once in two months would help you keep track of your Yorkie’s dental health.

Eye and Ear Care: Clean your Yorkie’s ears with a vet-approved dog cleaner dipped into a cotton ball at least once a week. This would help remove the debris and dirt from the ear with ease. Simultaneously clean their eyes on a routine basis too. Use an eye wash pad to help reduce the chances of developing tear stains and minimize debris build-up.

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