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How Much Do Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers) Cost

When it comes to choosing an adorable lap dog bundled with a cute appearance, the Yorkie stands as one of the preferred choices of many. Ranked as the one of the most popular breeds by the American Kennel Club for a considerably long period of time, the Yorkshire terrier isn’t that cheap indeed.

A whole lot of factors play the deciding factor in determining the cost of a Yorkie, or rather any dog, like their age, bloodline, breeders, gender (females costing more than males), and overall health.

The average price of a Yorkie puppy with pedigree papers, if purchased from AKC-licensed breeders, would range between $1200 and $2000. When bought from unlicensed breeders, the price could come down a little.

Apart from the basic price range, you could get a Yorkie puppy for as low as $300, while the upper limit could touch $9000-$10,000.

Color also plays a significant role in determining their price. The Yorkshire terriers with standard colors like black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, or blue and gold cost less than the particolored ones, which are of any combination of the traditional colors. The most common shades include black, tan, and white, though other variations are visible.

The rehoming fee and cost of adoption of Yorkies could be as low as $50 or as much as $500.

Teacup Yorkies, the downsized variation of the standard Yorkshire terrier, come for an increased cost, about $1500-$3000, or even $5000.

Price of Yorkies (Yorkshire Terrier) in a Nutshell

By Size

Standard Yorkie$1200-$2000
Teacup/ Miniature Yorkie$1500-$3000

By Mixes

Yorkiepoo (Yorkie x Poodle)$400-$1000
Chorkie (Yorkie x Chihuahua)$400-$1000
Shorkie (Yorkie x Shih Tzu)$300-$1000

By Color

Parti Yorkie$1500 -$2000

Average Maintenance Cost of a Yorkie

 Monthly cost: It depends on many things, from the dog’s age and gender to overall health. Here is the breakup of the probable monthly costs owners may incur.

1. Health care: $60-$300

This includes the regular hygiene needs you must undertake, like trimming its nails, cleaning its ears and eyes, and even brushing its teeth. If you do it by yourself, you would have to bear the cost of buying the supplies. However, if you hire an expert to clean its ears and even eyes, the price would go up. Puppies and seniors need more amount of health maintenance than adults.

2. Food: $20-$100

The cost depends on the brand you choose for your dog.  Food expenses also include treats that you occasionally give it during training as a part of the positive reinforcement techniques. A combination of a homemade and readymade diet could cost increasingly more.

3. Grooming: $100-$400

The first few months’ cost could get high when you have to buy nail trimmers ($10-$30), pin brush ($7-$15), and other essentials. Additional costs each month include for purchasing essentials like vet-approved shampoo (around $20), toothpaste ($11 -$15), toothbrush ($9-$15), and so on. If you brush your Yorkie on your own, that would cost less. Taking them to a professional groomer in one or two months means a $30-$40 extra, or a little more depending on the services you take. A haircut every six weeks or so would cost a few more dollars.

4. Vet costs: $20-$200

Besides the regular checkups, some months would need more vet visits, while emergency admissions mean more expenses.

5. Pet insurance: $20 -$50; could be higher depending on the insurance type

Besides this, there could be other miscellaneous costs each month or once in two to three months for buying a leash, toys, taking them on a walk, hiring a dog walker, etc. The yearly cost of maintaining this breed equals to a minimum of $1200.

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