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Yorkie: Male vs. Female – What’s the Difference

Male and female dogs have specific physical and temperamental differences, the highlighting aspect being size, and the Yorkie isn’t an exception. The certain myths doing the rounds, like the females being sweeter than the male Yorkies, aren’t true, though. The males are equally friendly as the females; yes, a degree high on aggression, perhaps. Here are certain differences between the male and female Yorkies that would help one understand them better.

Points of DifferencesMaleFemale
Physical  Weight: 5-7 pounds; Height: 8-9 inches

Overall build: Larger and more muscular 
Weight: 4-6 pounds; Height: 7-8 inches

Overall build: Smaller and less muscular than its male counterpart  
TemperamentalAffectionate; more playful and energetic; more aggressive; more open in dealing with kids, but gets perturbed sooner when threatenedAffectionate but a little less on the energy levels and aggression than the males ; they may even take more time to get along with kids
TrainabilityThough Yorkies are challenging to train; the males are harder to train  than their female counterparts, owing to their increased stubbornnessEasier to train

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