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What are the Different Types of Yorkies

The Yorkshire terriers can be categorized into six to seven groups by color, breed type, and size. There is no formal categorization, yet based on color, patterns, size, and breed type, one could classify the Yorkie into six different groups.

By Color  

Black Yorkie

Black Yorkie

Black Yorkies are rare and not recognized by the AKC and other registered breed clubs. They aren’t generally purebreds and are primarily a result of crossing the Yorkies with other breeds with a black coat. In most cases, if affected by the graying gene, the black dilutes to blue. However, no color change occurs for the all-black Yorkies, and they retain their black coat throughout.

Mismarked Yorkie

They aren’t a different color variant but rather a fault. Blue and tan, black and tan, blue and gold, and black and gold are the four distinct AKC-recognized colorations. Anything other than that is a mismark, like a white spot on its chest and head, and so on.

Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkie

There have been several speculations regarding the development of a parti Yorkie. People often believe that they have developed by crossing a Yorkie with a Maltese, Paisley terrier, or Skye terrier. However, a parti gene is responsible for producing a parti-colored breed. If both the parents carry this parti gene, the resultant puppy would have a parti-colored coat. The parti-colored Yorkies have a combination of three colors instead of two, black, white, and tan being the primary colors.

By Size

Teacup Yorkie

Teacup or Miniature Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie is not a separate breed but a downsized version of the standard Yorkshire terrier. They weigh around 2-4 pounds and measure 5-7 inches.

By Breed Type (Crossbreeding/Genetic Factors)

Designer Yorkie

 Designer Yorkie

With designer breeds being the trend, a designer Yorkie is no exception. For instance, a Chihuahua Yorkie mix results in a Chorkie, while a Yorkie Poodle mix leads to a Yorkie-poo.

Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier

The Biewer terrier originated from Yorkies having the recessive piebald gene. At present, it is a distinct breed of its own. The AKC, alongside other breed clubs, has granted it a purebred status. It closely replicates the parti Yorkies and has three colors on its coat, black tan and white, chocolate tan and white, and blue tan and white.

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