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What Does a Yorkie Look Like

The Yorkshire terrier has a cute, adorable appearance, all because of their toy-sized stature. He is small but sturdy and not fragile like most other miniature breeds. Their amazing look is actually brought about by their silky floor-length coat that closely replicates human hair. They have a small head, flat on the top, with a less prominent skull that isn’t rounded.


Their medium-sized eyes may not be that prominent but appear dark, bearing an intelligent expression.

Against their small head lie two small V-shaped ears that remain erect and not set too apart. They even have straight forelegs with round feet and black toenails.

Yorkie with Undocked Tail
Yorkie Ears

As per the AKC standards, their medium-length tail is carried a little high and is docked. However, certain pet Yorkies who wouldn’t be going to the showing might sport a long, feathery tail.

They have a unique color pattern, with all Yorkies born black and tan that eventually dilutes as per the graying gene and the color it impacts on. Like, the presence of a single graying gene may cause either the black or tan coat to dilute to blue or gold. Yorkies having two graying genes change the color to blue and gold, while those with no graying genes retain their black and tan coat up to adulthood. The four AKC-registered colors include black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold. There are exotic colors like merle, white, black, and chocolate.

Yorkie Eyes
Yorkie with Docked Tail

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