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How is the Yorkie’s Temperament

The Yorkshire terrier, both males, and females have a contrasting personality, a combination of too many things. They are intelligent but stubborn, friendly and affectionate to their family and bold towards unfamiliar people; feisty and energetic but laid back in their comfort zone, and so on.

A Detailed Insight into the Yorkie’s Personality Traits

As a family dog: These people-oriented dogs show an immensely affectionate behavior towards their kith and kin, making for great family pets. True, they love their people, but Yorkies bond deeply with that one person in the household, in most cases his master, demanding his constant attention. If you don’t have that much time to devote, the Yorkie is not the right pet. They cannot withstand your ignorance or indifference, becoming moody or even destructive if left on their own for prolonged periods.

Attitude towards strangers: Their friendliness takes a back seat upon encountering strangers. They would waste no time announcing the latter’s arrival by emitting a loud bark or displaying yappiness. This trait of theirs raises the Yorkies to the stature of efficient watchdogs. Eventually, after the family welcomes the visitor, the Yorkies show friendliness. However, some could maintain a standoffish behavior throughout the interaction that could only get corrected through proper socialization training.

Their intelligence: In Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, the Yorkies rank 34th of the 138th breeds qualified for the evaluation, making them dogs with above-average intelligence. They could learn new commands with just 15-20 repetitions and showed a 70% success rate in obeying a command known to them. This trait makes them curious and sharp, aware of their surroundings, and even quick learners.

Their stubbornness: A small dog with a big personality that is what the Yorkies are, mainly because of their hunting lineage. This trait could make them feisty, bossy, headstrong, independent-minded, and sometimes stubborn. A stubborn Yorkie would be challenging to train and handle, requiring obedience training right from the start.

Interaction with kids: They don’t seem a good match for toddlers, as the Yorkies lack patience and could snap back or show displeasure if they feel startled or agonized even in pursuit of play. However, they would form a good match with the older kids, who would understand their mood fluctuations better and interact tactfully with them.

Rapport with other dogs and pets: It depends upon how well they are socialized and trained on obedience. A disciplined Yorkie would coexist peacefully with other dogs and even cats of the family. Else, they are likely to display a territorial demeanor exhibiting aggressive behavior. However, keep small pets far away from them, as it could trigger the Yorkie’s vermin chasing instinct, prompting them to get after them.

In a nutshell, the Yorkie is a joy to have, a perfect companion one could wish for. With early and practical training, owners could help their Yorkies grow into decent dogs with pleasing personalities.

Teacup Yorkies, a miniature presentation of the standard Yorkie, seem no different in temperament than the latter, displaying similar traits from affectionate to brave.

Teacup Yorkies, a miniature presentation of the standard Yorkie seems no different in temperament, than the latter, displaying similar traits from being affectionate to brave.

The Yorkie mixes have a blend of temperamental traits of the Yorkies and the other breed involved in its development. For instance, the Yorkie Apso (Yorkie x Lhasa Apso) is playful, loveable, and affectionate, while the Yorkie- Pom is friendly and energetic.

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