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Black and Gold Yorkie

Black and gold Yorkie is one of the color variations of this breed, designated as its standard color by the American Kennel Club and other noted registries.

Black and Gold Yorkie
Full Grown Black and Gold Yorkie
Gold and Black Yorkie
Yorkshire Terrier Black and Gold

Majority of the Yorkies are born with a black and tan coat, which remains that way for about a year. Then, they get the final coat color that these dogs carry throughout their adulthood. The graying genes play a significant role in their coat’s coloration. The more the graying genes, the paler would the coat appear.

In the black and gold Yorkies, the tan color is affected due to the presence of just one graying gene. This leads to a golden tinge, especially around its face and ears, and even feet. However, the black coat does not dilute and remain intact.

Yorkie Puppies Black and Gold
Yorkie Black and Gold
Black and Gold Yorkie Puppy


Q. How does the black and gold Yorkie vary from the black and tan dogs?

The black and gold is the lighter variation of the black and tan color. The tan coloration is diluted here, resulting in a paler golden shade.

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