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Black Yorkie

The American Kennel Club recognizes black and tan and black and gold as the standard coloration of the Yorkie. However, an all-black Yorkie rarely exists, and even if it does, the latter isn’t a purebred dog. In all probabilities, a Yorkie could have been crossed with another black-furred breed to achieve the black coloration. The crossbred black Yorkies lack the fine glossy coat of the standard variation. Their coat would appear rough and a little brittle similar to the wiry breeds.

Black Yorkie Dog
Black Yorkie
Full Grown Black Yorkie
Black Yorkshire Terrier

An all-black Yorkie puppy would retain its black coat even in adulthood, unlike most other puppies that are born black with patches of tan. However, by the time they are one, this color either remains the same or dilutes to acquire a blue or golden shade, varying per their genetic formations.

Black Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
Black Yorkie Puppy
Black Yorkie Picture

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