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Blue and Gold Yorkie

Blue and gold is one of the commonest coat colors seen in most adult Yorkshire terriers. These dogs do not attain their final coat color right away but, like all other Yorkies, appear black and tan at the onset.

Blue and Gold Yorkie
Yorkie Blue and Gold
Yorkshire Terrier Blue and Gold

If they have two graying genes, the black hair lightens to form a grayish-blue coloration by the time they are six months old. Initially, the blue color isn’t that prominent and would only reflect under sunlight. 

Similarly, the tan color also lightens as the pups mature, first turning to dark bronze and then attaining a golden tinge.

By the time they are 2-3 years old, the blue and gold Yorkies completely shed off their black and tan coat. They would mostly have a grayish-blue back, while their head and chest appear entirely golden. 

Blue and Gold Yorkie Pictures
Blue and Gold Yorkie Image
Blue and Gold Yorkie Puppies

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