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Chocolate Yorkie

Chocolate isn’t a standardized color of the Yorkshire terrier, but Yorkies do come in this exotic coloration. Their coat could be of a solid brown coloration with undertones of black or even have different shades of brown, varying from bronze to golden, tan to liver. Chocolate Yorkshire terriers can attain AKC’s registration as chocolate-tan or liver-tan but aren’t allowed in the show ring.

Chocolate Yorkie
Chocolate Yorkie Picture
Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier
Full Grown Chocolate Yorkie

The primary reason behind the chocolate coat of the Yorkshire terrier is the B allele recessive gene. If both the parents carry this particular recessive gene; the resultant puppies could have a chocolate coat.

Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
Chocolate Yorkie Puppies
Adult Chocolate Yorkie
Picture of Chocolate Yorkie

Besides the genetic factor, the chocolate color of the Yorkies could also be due to crossbreeding. To achieve the brown coloration, a Yorkie might have been mixed with a brown-coated dog, such as a Dachshund. Hence, before acquiring a chocolate-colored Yorkie getting to know of its bloodline would prevent you from further hassles in the long run.

Since they are rare to find, many breeders charge a lot for the chocolate Yorkies between $2000 and $6500.

Types of Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers

Liver Yorkie

Liver Yorkie

The liver coat is rare and appears deep brown with undertones of red. Yorkies with liver-colored coats lack the glossiness seen in those with the standard coloration. However, the darkness eventually lessens as it ages, with the coat transitioning to a paler shade of brown.

Chocolate Parti Yorkie

Chocolate Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkies are tri-colored with a black, white, and tan coat. Chocolate parti Yorkies aren’t that common. Besides white and chocolate being the primary colors here, one could even see shades of light brown on the Yorkie’s nose.

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