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Golden Yorkie

Golden Yorkies mostly have a blonde coloration all over, acquired because of the phaeomelanin gene. An all-golden Yorkie isn’t that common, and Yorkies with this coat have a solid golden coat with markings of white on their chest and feet. Yorkshire terriers with this coloration are alternately referred to as blonde or sable Yorkie since that is how their coat appears.

Gold Yorkie
Golden Yorkie Terrier
Golden Yorkie Puppies
Golden Yorkie

The Golden Yorkie lacks the graying or G gene. Hence the patches of black don’t dilute to blue, nor do the gold turns to tan.


Q. Is the blue and gold and black and gold Yorkie a variation of golden Yorkie?

No, golden is a rare coloration, while blue and gold is one of the four standard colors of the Yorkie. These dogs are born black and tan but will attain a bluish-gold coloration by 1-2 years of age if they have two graying genes.
Black and gold is also a standard color of this breed. In this case, the dog has a single graying gene  that has affected the tan coat and not the black one. Hence, the tan dilutes gold eventually,  whereas the black coat remains intact.

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