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Merle Yorkie

Merle isn’t a regular color of this breed. It is extremely rare, and dogs with this pattern mostly have dark mottled spots on their brown, tan, white, or black coats. The main reason behind this coat could be the merle gene. However, merle Yorkies could also be an outcome of crossbreeding.

Merle Yorkie
Merle Yorkie Puppies
Yorkie Merle
Full Grown Merle Yorkie

Types of Merle Yorkie

Blue Merle Yorkie

Blue Merle

Blue merle isn’t a variation of the merle coat of the Yorkie. All purebred dogs are black and tan at the time of birth. However, the color change occurs by the time they are six months depending on their graying gene. Yorkies with a single graying gene could experience a dilution in their coat color from black or tan to blue or golden. If the black part of their coat is affected, it will dilute to blue. During this process, some parts of their coat remain black, while in a few portions, a mottled bluish-gray pattern is observed, giving it a bluish-merle appearance.

Chocolate Merle

Chocolate Merle

Yorkies of this pattern also rarely occur, and they mostly have a mottled pattern against their chocolate coat.

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