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Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkie was initially not a standard color of this breed until 2000 when the American Kennel Club recognized it officially. There were speculations regarding its development, and many believed that it was an outcome of crossing the Yorkies with the Maltese to bring in an improvement in their coat texture and color.

Parti Yorkie
Parti Yorkie Puppies
Parti Yorkie Image
Tri Color Yorkie

However, the particolored Yorkies are purebred and an outcome of the recessive parti gene. If both the parents carry the parti gene, the resultant puppy would have a parti-colored coat.

Tri Color Yorkie Picture
Teacup Parti Yorkie
Pictures of Parti Yorkies
Parti Yorkie Dog

 The parti Yorkies have a tri-color coat made in combination of three distinct colors, primarily black, tan, and white, though there are variations too. Their back and parts of the face are black, some portions of the chest are white, while tan hairs are seen around their eyes, ears, and chin mostly.

Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Parti Yorkie Full Grown
Parti Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
Adult Parti Yorkie

What is the price of a Parti Yorkie

Because of their rarity and unique color combinations, parti Yorkie costs more than the standard ones, some coming for around $2000.

Types of Parti Yorkies

Chocolate Parti Yorkie

Chocolate Parti Yorkie

Here white and chocolate are the primary colors, instead of black and tan, while patches of light brown are seen on their nose.

Golden Parti Yorkie

Golden Parti Yorkie

Though rare, they mostly have a blonde or golden body with patches of white on the chest. Here one would see a combination of two primary colors instead of three.


Q. What is the difference between a Biewer terrier and a parti Yorkie?

They have a striking similarity because of their tri-colored coat, yet they differ from each other in several aspects.
The parti Yorkie isn’t a separate breed but varies from the standard Yorkies only in coloration. In contrast, the Biewer Terrier is a distinct breed, developed from the Yorkie since they had a recessive piebald gene not present in the latter. The parti mostly comes in black, white, tan, or even chocolate and tan. On the other hand, the Biewer terrier’s primary colors include black, tan and white, blue, tan, white, and chocolate, tan and white.
Moreover, they vary based on their tail, undocked in the Biewer and docked in the Yorkie.

Q. Are parti Yorkies hypoallergenic?

Yes. Like the Yorkies, the parti-colored Yorkies too shed less, thus considered a hypoallergenic breed.

Q. How big do parti Yorkies get?

The parti Yorkies are similar to the standard Yorkshire terrier breed, perhaps a little smaller. It weighs around 2-7 pounds and has a height of 7-8 inches

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