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White Yorkie

An all-white purebred Yorkie seems nonexistent. In most cases, a white Yorkshire terrier could result from crossing the Yorkie with other breeds having a white coat like the Maltese or the West Highland White Terrier. The Yorkie poo, a Poodle-Yorkshire terrier mix, also has white as its coat colors alongside black, tan, and apricot. Another reason for a white coat in these dogs could be albinism, a genetic disorder occurring due to the lack of melanin that gives color to the hair, skin, and eyes. Albino Yorkies would have a white coat alongside pink footpads, nose, and irises.

White Teacup Yorkie
White Yorkie Dog
White Yorkie Terrier
White Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

However, Yorkies could even have a white coat if they are particolored due to the recessive parti gene. Parti-colored Yorkshire terriers would not appear completely white, though. They would have a combination of black, white, gold, and tan fur.

Fluffy White Yorkie
White Yorkie Puppies
White Yorkie
White Yorkshire Terrier Dog

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